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GVM weight compliance for caravans and Trailers on Wednesday May 31, 2017

The technology used by Kimberley shows all the weight data using 4 digital sensors on ground pads. The data is transmitted to a remote control pad. By placing the remote control pad near the VIN number and photographing the 2 items, the customer receives the compliance record of the GVM, the drawbar weight and the Tare weight of the unit.

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Innovation in Spades in 2017 Model Line up on Thursday March 02, 2017

Innovation that drives value and ease of use:

If you share our passion for free camping and travel anywhere, then research our new models. They preserve all the pleasures of camping AND bring a new-elevated level of comfort to do this with ease.

Check out these features:

2017 Model Kimberley Kamper

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Family size lightweight off-road caravan on Wednesday May 31, 2017

This family size off-road caravan can travel anywhere. It sleeps 4 people permanently with 2 family Fee berths above a super queen size bed. Plus there is the option of dining conversion for 2 more beds. This off-road caravan has a full width bathroom with a waterless toilet that will let a family of 4 go for 2 weeks before disposal. This can be anywhere and does not need a dump point.

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